Our highly experienced and fully accredited SAP Assessors offer unrivalled customer support and technical consultation focused on providing cost-effective and practical solutions to achieving compliance with Part L1A of the Building Regulations.
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SAP Caluclations

SAP Calculations for New Build Developments

SAP calculations are required for all new build dwellings in order to demonstrate compliance with Part L1A of the Building Regulations  in England & Wales or Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards.

The SAP calculation assesses the thermal efficiency of the proposed building fabric, together with the energy requirements of the heating, lighting and hot water systems of the planned property. The SAP assessment also calculates the predicted annual carbon dioxide emissions which must meet a prescribed Target Emission Rate in order to comply.

SAP calculations are compared with the requirements of Part L1A or Section 6 and summarised within a brief report for submission to Building Control  at the design stage before any construction work commences.

Upon completion of the build, the respective SAP assessment is then upgraded to an As Built SAP Calculation incorporating any changes from the initial design, the finalised heating and hot water systems and the result of any Air Pressure Test that may have been undertaken.

Finalised SAP reports are then reissued for submission to Building Control together with an On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which is required as part of the requirements for a completion certificate and also for the subsequent sale or let of the property.

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Why Work With EPS Group?

EPS Group have been providing cost effective, client focused solutions to the increasingly stringent requirements of local planning policies and the Building Regulations for more than 10 years. Whether you’re in the first stages of exploring exactly what your legal obligations are, or are facing a project delay as a direct result of energy compliance, we can help. We provide independent advice and fixed price quotations that arrive without obligation.

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EPS Group have been providing energy consultancy services since 2007 and our directors have more than 30 years of combined industry experience. You can therefore be confident that your project is in safe hands.

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We provide transparent, competitive, all-inclusive fixed fees with significant discounts available for developments with multiple units.

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We appreciate that developments move fast. If you require energy calculations or pressure testing urgently, give us a call and we will try our best to help.

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From planning to completion we provide an extensive range of complementary services which helps to simplfiy our client’s compliance obligations.

Independent Advice

We only provide energy compliance services.We therefore aim to provide you with the most economic and feasible solutions  to achieving compliance.

Fully Accredited Team

Our Energy Consultants and Technicians are all fully accredited across a range of disciplines. You can therefore rely on the advice and services that they provide.

Client Focused

We tailor our services around you and your bespoke requirements. This is not an industry where a one-size fits all approach should be used.

Ongoing Technical Support

Plans and specification change. We are therefore available to provide technical support throughout the duration of a build in order to prevent any regulatory problems arising at completion.

A Partner For Those in the Construction Industry

We value the importance of a solid working relationship with those in the construction industry, and for many, we serve as the reliable go-to company to entrust from the planning stages of a development through to completion.

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