Our in-house team of fully accredited and CRB check DEC Assessors have issued thousands of Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports for schools and other public buildings throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire.
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Energy Statement Report

Display Energy Certificates

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is an A3 document displaying an overview of the energy performance of the building, based on its actual recorded energy consumption.

By law, each DEC must be displayed in a prominent position and be clearly visible to visiting members of the public.

Each DEC Assessment must also be accompanied by a valid Advisory Report (AR), which details a series of potential measures for improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.

Where the building has a total useful floor area of more than 1,000m², the DEC is valid for 12 months. The accompanying Advisory Report (AR) is valid for seven years. Where the building has a total useful floor area of between 250m² and 1000m², the DEC and AR are valid for 10 years.

When are Display Energy Certificates Required?

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and associated Advisory Reports (ARs) are required for all buildings which satisfy the following criteria:

Have a total useful floor area in excess of 250m2

Are occupied by a Public Authority or an institution providing a public service

Are frequently visited by members of the general public

This includes, for example, Schools, Colleges, Central and Local Government Offices, NHS Trust Buildings, Police Buildings and sites which provide public services such as Leisure Centres and Museums.

Why Choose EPS Group?

EPS Group have an in-house team of accredited and highly experienced DEC Assessors who between them have issued several thousand Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports to schools and other public buildings throughout the East Midlands.

Drawing upon our extensive Energy Consultancy & Compliance expertise, we take great pride in our constructive relationships with our clients. We do our utmost to deliver the DEC Assessments you need when you need them, and our fully-inclusive service includes:

Extremely competitive pricing.

Highly Experienced DEC Assessors

Assessors who are fully accredited to Government standards and regularly CRB checked for peace of mind.

Site visits scheduled outside school or office hours where possible to reduce disruption to the running of the organisation.

Automatic reminders when DECs & ARs are due for renewal to assist clients to maintain their compliance.

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