Air Tightness Testing (also referred to as Pressure Testing or Air Permeability Testing) is a requirement of Part L1A & L2A of the Building Regulations for newly built Domestic and Commercial Buildings. Air Tightness Testing measures the amount of uncontrolled air flow (also known as air leakage) within a building as a result of unsealed gaps or cracks within the thermal envelope.

Why choose EPS Group?

EPS Group offer a Nationwide Service.  Our Technicians are members of The Independent Airtightness Testing Scheme (iATS) and therefre authorised to undertake air pressure testing on new buildings in accordance with ATTMA TSL1 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Dwellings) and ATTMA TSL2 Measuring Air Permeability of Building Envelopes (Non-Dwellings).

There are many reasons to appoint EPS Group to undertake your Air Tightness Testing (Pressure Testing) including:

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  • Low-Cost Fees
  • Domestic & Commercial Units Tested
  • Substantial Reductions for Multiple Tests.
  • Flexible Test Appointments Including Weekends
  • Free Practical Pre-Test Advice
  • Temporary Sealing of Intentional Sources of Ventilation
  • Smoke and Thermal Diagnostics Available
  • Instant Verbal Results Provided On Site
  • Expedited Service Available On Request
  • Multi-Disciplined Team Providing a Range of Related New Build Services Under One Roof

At EPS Group we pride ourselves on forming constructive working partnerships with our clients. Our highly experienced and fully accredited Air Leakage Technicians offer unrivalled customer support and technical consultation focused on providing cost-effective and practical solutions to achieving compliance with Part L or Section 6.

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AIr Tightness Testing

The Building Regulations details a maximum permitted threshold for the air pressure test of 10 m3.h/m2. More often than not, this relatively generous air leakage rate is superseded by a target value detailed within the building’s respective SAP Calculation (Domestic) or SBEM Calculation as a result of the measure air leakage rate having a direct impact on the buildings calculated carbon emissions.

On sites with multiple units, a sampling testing may be adopted where the SAP or SBEM calculations allow. Since this may rely on an improved build specification it can be more cost-effective to carry out individual air pressure tests on all building.

Our Air Pressure Testing equipment ranges from a small single fan system used for testing residential units to a large multifan system for testing large commercial or non-domestic buildings. We also have state of the art thermal imaging equipment and smoke machines available which can help detect areas of leakage that are not easily discovered by eye.

Our air leakage testing Technicians work from the same offices as our SAP and SBEM Assessors which pays dividends in cases where we are also delivering energy calculations as part of a full Part L compliance package no time delays or any of the hassle caused by dealing with two separate companies. Further information on Air Testing can be found on our dedicated Air Pressure Testing site.

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